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Refunding since 2010

My first refund ever completed was for a package of candy. Nearing a decade later, I've grown to prefer computers over candy ;) - With the time that has passed, I've learned quite a lot about the refunding and social engineering scene and I'd like to pass that knowledge onto my customers with my new service. Here's to a great 2020 and many happy customers!


A holiday or birthday is coming up and you are in need of a gift, or two? This customer was able to suprise his younger siblings with two new consoles!

Clothing & More

With nearly a decade of experience, I promise that you will never go without the latest fashion choices or electronic items (to name a few categories).

Need help? Please contact me on Telegram @Scoobi74


My only means of contact are through Nulled PM or on Telegram: @Scoobi74


Chargebacking/Disputing will result in a rebill + potential ban and or further actions if necessary